Consulmotive is a privately owned business comprising of an Automotive Consultant and Engineer in the VSCCS Vehicle Safety Compliance Certification Scheme. We specialise in certification of modified vehicles for Private, Commercial and Government use.

Consulmotive is a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers Australasia (SAE-A) and International (SAE-I). Consulmotive provides crucial specialised consulting services to an industry that seeks to develop innovative products to provide accessible transport and increased mobility to specialised users.


Consulmotive’s services can include (but are not limited to):

  • VSCCS Compliance Certificates
  • Engineering Certificates and Engineers Reports
  • Heavy Vehicle, Truck, Trailer, Bus and Coach Certification
  • Analysis of failed components
  • Assessment of fabricated components
  • Advise, consultation and approval of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles
  • Weighbridge for registration purposes
  • Certification of Aftermarket Products
  • Inspection of Imported Vehicles
  • In-progress inspections of Restored and Modified Vehicles